The Parlour
The Parlour

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Reclaim Your Wild!

Why The Parlour?

Our vision at The Parlour is to recognize, honor and celebrate the deep, ancient magick that exists within each one of us. When we stand in this power with confidence, we can create positive change in our own lives, our community and the world. 10% of your monthly membership dues goes to a different charity each month that we decide upon as a collective.

The Results You'll Get

You will find yourself standing in your own unique power, owning your courage, and stirring up the magick of all of your lifetimes! Our magick clubs, custom workshops and community will electrify your life with joy, with friendship and with, most importantly, remembering the truest and deepest magick that has always been within you.

When You Join Today

🖤 The Parlour Coven Class. A live monthly one-hour group zoom with me where each month's theme of magick will be taught. This is an interactive class where you may ask questions. The Parlour Coven Class will be saved in the Community classes in the Parlour where you may access at any time for replay. 

🖤 A Supernatural Sound Adventure.  This is an audio file that you can listen to anywhere you go. Each month's Supernatural Sound Adventure will  craft a mystical landscape where you and I go on a journey together with the intention of uncovering your unique magickal gifts.

🖤13 Magick Clubs. You receive full access to all of The Parlour's 13 Rooms. Join the Craft Club, the Book Club, Boss Witch Club, the Supernatural Salon, the Tarot Temple, Kitchen Witch Club, Conjuring Your Dream Life Club, The Green Witch Garden, The Cottage Witch Club, Troop Witch Camp and Blood Sugar Sex Magick Club! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

🖤The Parlour Project: 10% of each member's dues goes to giving back to make this world a better place. Each month, we decide as a community what charity we will donate to. Together our community amplifies goodwill, takes action and creates purposeful steps to nurture and support positive causes that help foster a better world for us all.

🖤Insider VIP: As a Parlour member, you receive first notification on Witch Camp and Varlow Academy Retreats, 24 hours before they are made available to the general public. You also receive a 20% discount off of Varlow Academy Workshops online. 

🖤An Uplifting, Inspiring & Kind Community of Badass Magick Makers. Meet life-long friends, participate in our Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice Gift Exchange or sign up for Witchy Pen Pals in the Community Section!

🖤Fun Witchy Monthly Challenges, Rituals and Spells will accelerate your vibe! 
Studies show that your overall vibe is a combination of five of the people you hang out with the most.  Come on over here and hang out with us!